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SCORE Property Group excels at providing overperforming outcomes for our clients. We take pride in doing things differently. By combining our unique breadth of experience and capabilities with the latest technologies allows us to SCORE optimal outcomes for our clients.

We specialize in the acquisitions and sales of development land, multi-family, retail centers, industrial and office properties.

Commercial SELLER Services

SCORE Property Group specializes in extracting maximum value for our client’s properties.


Optimally Positioning Properties

requires identifying the highest and best use, and pricing the
property appropriately. The process of identifying the highest and best use requires an in-depth understanding of zoning, utility capacities, and other characteristics related to a particular
property. Once the highest and best use is identified, we optimize pricing using 2 methods: First, by identifying the latest comps, and second by backing into a maximum feasible acquisition price
using development financial models.


Painting the Right Picture

is key to attracting the right buyers. Extracting maximum value from a property is more than just selling a building or a piece of land as is, it is about painting a future vision demonstrating its potential, visually and financially. This is particularly important in fast-growing areas such as the greater Austin MSA. Eliciting a vision of the potential requires highlighting all of the surrounding value-generators – existing and planned -- for a property, such as planned highway expansions, impending surrounding developments, demographic trends, etc.


Targeted Marketing (Broad and Focused)

SCORE Property Group specializes in getting your
property in front of the right potential buyers – and many of them -- using both national digital marketing campaigns, and highly targeted direct marketing campaigns, as well as a traditional broker networks and relationships:


  • Highly Targeted Focus on ideal buyers.  Our private rolodex of 1,300+ developers, brokers, and investors actively looking for properties in the area and targeting them directly via email and phone campaigns.

  •  Broad National Campaigns:

    •  List on Costar / Loopnet and CREXI. Why         Costar/Loopnet & CREXI?

    •  Exposure to NATIONAL Real Estate Investors                      Developers / Networks.

    • 88% of investors search for properties online

    • 17X - Costar/Loopnet has 17x the volume of the next online commercial real estate site. 

    • CREXI is the fastest-growing competitive commercial marketplace site.

    • Utilize Paid promotional packages to get 12,000+               impressions with real estate professionals nationwide. (I cover this cost).

  • Tap the commercial broker networks in Austin, Houston, Dallas, California, and New York.  We will utilize personal connections, email lists, social media groups, and 'Book of Lists' to circulate directly to developers.


Develop the HIGHEST quality marketing materials:

We develop the best marketing materials, period. We utilize professional photography, drones, site plans, geographic highlights, demographic trends, pro-forma financial modeling, as well as other resources to build out a comprehensive and top-notch Offering Memorandum that paints a picture appealing to both individual and institutional investors (without having to physically visit the site).



Negotiating a winning outcome

While we are big believers that a successful outcome is
typically a mutually beneficial outcome for both parties, our intention is to achieve the maximum possible outcome for our clients. With our marketing strategy, we oftentimes end up
in a competitive multiple-bidding scenario that results in an optimal outcome for our clients.

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Available Featured LISTINGS.

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SOLD Featured Properties

Recent Featured SOLD properties.

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7415 Southwest Pkwy #2-200, Austin, TX 78735


Shannon   512-825-0707

Steven  512-921-5220



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